the future of collaboration - today

In a platform-driven world in which workforces are becoming increasingly mobile, flexible and geographically dispersed, it’s getting harder to get collaboration right - unless you have the right tools for the job. With Gather, we’ve brought all the right tools together into one feature-rich solution, making collaboration across your enterprise easier, quicker, more secure and more productive. Make your collaboration world-class in this new world.

The future of work: four key challenges


Political and economic shifts are forcing businesses to look further afield for talent; the best businesses are already using technology to draw from a global talent pool.

Attracting talent

Talent is found in every demographic. Businesses need to be as inclusive as possible, knocking down the glass ceiling and providing the freedom to work remotely and flexibly that prospective workers now expect.

Customer retention

Digital transformation is causing market disruption. Businesses are having to work harder than ever to retain customers. Since customers are now mostly digital-native, technology is the way to win their loyalty.

Artificial Intelligence

A.I. is so powerful a tool for optimising business processes that businesses will need to embrace it in order to stay competitive.

At every stage of a meeting value can be missed out on and lost. People turn up late, or not at all. They lack the tools to work collaboratively. They don’t take sufficient notes, and therefore fail to follow-up.

Gather enables world-class collaboration - and maximises business value - at every stage of the meeting process.

01. The pre-event stage:
Organise meetings easily and efficiently and count on everyone arriving first time

  • Automated email and SMS reminders
  • Outlook-integrated calendar requests

Never miss a meeting

  • Colour coding makes picking a start time for attendees across time zones easy
  • Invitations will be pre-populated with the relevant country dial-in numbers

Global reach, minimum admin

  • Anytime, anyplace, any device access
  • Pre-validate phones to bypass access codes
  • If on a laptop, access meetings via Chrome browser

Joining is easy, however you’re doing it

02. The event stage:
Easily access high-quality meetings that support verbal and nonverbal collaboration

  • HD audio and video facilitates clear verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Up to 100 internet participants and 400 telephone participants
  • Stream meetings directly to YouTube
  • Personalise your room with custom audio signatures, colours, styles and renders

Put heads together in crystal-clear HD

  • (CUE Video)
  • CUE automatically records and transcribes meetings, freeing you up to chat, debate and innovate
  • Get creative: share screens, send files and present documents

AI takes notes while you chat, debate and innovate

03. The post-event stage:
Access summaries; rate and give feedback to improve future meetings

  • CUE stamps speakers, times and dates and tags commonly used words
  • Identifying trends in your speech makes your meeting database easily searchable
  • Summaries also include any documents shared and worked on

Smart summaries add post-event value

  • Participants can rate every session as a meeting experience
  • We’ll take your feedback and use it to improve Virtual-e on an ongoing basis

Your feedback really feeds back

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