​During the past 3-4 months, I have been asked by various members of staff if the company is up for sale. Generally, this question has arisen because our staff have been asked it by clients, competitors or prospects. Only last week, I was asked a similar question by a huge private equity firm, who said that they had it on 'good authority' that we had appointed an investment bank to advise on the sale of the company!

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HR Update


Check in with Sarah Grey (our Head of Human Resources) to find out about any Learning and Development opportunities, new employee benefits and new HR schemes that you can get involved with.

Continued Progression 

It is always good to see internal promotions and movements across the business, and in the first half of the year we have already seen a number of them. This is the result of individuals making time to complete their career pathways and applying to ongoing learning, as well as what they have achieved in their former roles.

A recent example of such a move is that made by Miguel Cardoso from Facilities (being the familiar face of the PoP) the Marketing Team, where he has commenced his career as a Designer. We wish Miguel all the best in his current role and congratulate both him and all those that have progressed into a new role over the last few months!

Here's what Miguel had to say about this change of role:

What do you hope to achieve from your new role?

With my new role I hope to develop my creative skills in different visual environments, and progress further both within my role and the company. 

What do you believe will be your biggest challenge?

With any new role there are always challenges and this role is no exception! I will be developing my skills in software I am not used to using, learning to work within the company graphical guidelines and getting used to a new schedule (as I've had an early timeframe for the past three years). Don't get me wrong: although these are challenges I look forward to facing them!

What experience did your previous role give you for your new role?

In my previous role of making coffee I learned to work under pressure and deliver everything on time, and to quickly change from one request to another, which will be of great value for my role as Designer.

All internal vacancies can be access via the intranet click here, we encourage all employees to speak with their manager before submitting your application.

Employee Survey

The 2019 Annual Employee Survey has been launched.

It is important that we have input from all of you as we look to continue to drive the business forward. Last year we had a participation rate of over 82% and we're looking to exceed this response rate this year. 

As a result of your participation and previous feedback we have: 

  1. Invested in additional space which will also include a revamp of the working environment
  2. Rolled out a Benefits Portal
  3. Introduced Birthday Leave

Your feedback really does make a difference and you have the opportunity once again to shape the direction of the company and make this an even better place to work. 

Click here for link to Employee Survey 2019

The survey will remain open until Friday 9th August 2019. It is anonymous, although we will ask you to identify your department so that we can group the results. In order to get a year-on-year comparison, we have left the questions unchanged from last year and a full summary of results will be published in due course.

August Learning Calendar:

7th 11.30 - 12.30 DRaaS Sales workshop
12th 11.30 - 12.30 DRaaS Sales workshop

12th 12.30 - 14.00 Motivation and Development workshop
21st 09.00 17.00 Case Studies – Building a Solution
22nd 11.00 13.00 SCOTSMAN workshop
22nd 09.30 15.00 Customer Service Training workshop

Please head to Edison and search the course library to register for one of these session or email L&D.

Hot jobs

Know any bright sparks?

You could earn up to £5,000 by referring a candidate for one of our vacancies.

  • Marketing Manager
  • Cancellations Coordinator
  • Managed Services Technical Lead
  • Account Director - Public Sector

Marketing update


Despite being at times too hot to move and too sweaty to speak, Marketing still got a lot of work done in July!

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Customer Wins


Here you'll find the best of the many new deals our sales teams close for us each month, including what customers we've won, which Exponential-e people have worked on these deals and the TCV.

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Summer Party


The Exponential-e Summer Party - which took place under Shakespeare's Globe on a beautiful July evening - is an event that won't soon be forgotten (except for those of us who can't remember anything after about 8pm). After a short speech by Lee recapping a great year for the business, the music started playing and it was time to eat, drink and be merry!

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Customer Comments


We all work hard at Exponential-e, and we are not the only ones that notice this! Our customers are always leaving us positive feedback - and you can read some of the comments here.

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Culture Club


Our Culture Club is always working hard behind the scenes to make sure we have fun company events to enjoy. Find out what they've got planned for us (asides from their usual Thirsty Thursday events).

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New Starters

At Exponential-e, we welcome a new group of starters every month. In this section you can put a name - and job role - to all those fresh faces.
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Team spotlight: Credit services


We are responsible for collecting the cash and reducing the debt, which involves responding to queries relating to finance, credit-assessing companies, managing the suspension process and reducing the risk of bad debt. Q1: What is your favourite place in the world, and why? Q2: What show/s are you currently streaming?

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Do it for charity!


With Exponential-e staff always fundraising, we decided it would be a good idea to include a new section to help staff raise money. If you are participating in a charity event and would like to be featured then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Procurement Update


Procurement and Legal have been working closely to develop a new supplier on boarding process. The process has been designed to ensure we only bring on suppliers that think like us, deliver value to Exponential-e and have the right qualifications to do the job right the first time

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Exponential-e Women's Network (EWN)


Created to help women working at Exponential-e build relationships with each other, the EWN put on regular fun events that everyone is invited to - find out about upcoming events here.

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