Ransomware & Endpoint Protection

Unify prevention, detection, and response in a single platform.

Adapt your defences against the most advanced cyber attacks by rapidly eliminating threats with fully-automated, integrated response capabilities. Up to 95% breaches originate at endpoints. Our ransomware protection is much more than anti-virus, it’s sophisticated and multi-layered protection backed by a $1m warranty.

Ransomware & Endpoint Protection.

A multi-layered approach

Exponential-e’s multi-layered protection includes prevention, detection & response as a unified service. Exposure to ransomware and Trojan attacks are not easy to defend against using traditional anti-virus software, and if they are discovered the legacy technology cannot respond quickly enough to the volume or difficulty of threats.

We provide the only platform that defends every endpoint against every type of attack, at every stage in the threat lifecycle - before, during and after an attack. Exponential-e’s ransomware protection service takes action as early as possible to deal with threats and alerts effectively. This is the next-generation for mitigation, by containing malware and endpoints as your protection enables automated processes such as rollback and auto-immunisation.

Advanced Endpoint protection

Dealing with today’s cyber threats requires a fundamentally different approach. Our technology uses a major breakthrough in signature-less detection, based on machine learning, with 31,000 unique file characteristics defined and referenced.

We closely monitor all system activities to identify malicious behavior and mitigate threats in real time. What’s more, the pro-active endpoint protection is switched on before your system even starts up, tracking and scanning all activity to take action when needed.

Advanced Static Analysis using a Deep File Inspection engine discovers known and unknown malware. Behaviour-based threat analysis enables you to dynamically detect and prevent the most advanced attacks from any vector. All while a global intelligence base provides dynamic whitelisting and blacklisting.

SentinelOne Partners with Exponential-e

Exponential-e is the only Managed Service Provider in the UK chosen to partner with SentinelOne, the leading corporate endpoint security technology platform.

NSS Labs rated SentinelOne as ‘Recommended’ in The NSS Labs Security Value Map, with the best TCO per protected endpoint, performing the industry’s most rigorous test to date of leading Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) solutions. To provide further confidence, SentinelOne financially backs the service and guarantees protection up to $1000 per endpoint or up to $1m compensation should an attack ever go undetected.

Automated, pro-active protection which is customisable

Stop targeted attacks before they even begin. A fully automated, policy-driven response provides zero-touch mitigation for decisive incident response of all endpoint devices. This includes robust containment, full remediation & rollback as you can react to alerts accordingly.

The rise in more sophisticated, dynamic attacks means organizations typically need to deploy additional security controls at the endpoint, but multiple endpoint security agents impact system performance, operational cost and complexity.

A lightweight, autonomous agent continuously monitors all activity on the user endpoint or server, online or offline, automatically acting as early as possible and to mitigate and minimise risk. Manage all of this from a cloud-based platform providing the lowest TCO on the market.


  • Multi-layered approach.
  • Fully automated response.
  • Protects user endpoints AND Data Centre servers.
  • Monitors threats in real-time.
  • Adapts against latest attacks.
  • Complete and insightful visibility.
  • Easy to deploy and simple to manage.


  • Superior Cyber Security with proactive threat detection.
  • No impact to performance.
  • Reduce costs up to 75%.
  • Up to 5x lower TCO.
  • Simplify security management and compliance.
  • Save operational time and resources.
  • Peace of Mind.