• Your Cloud is only as good as your Network

    For data integrity, security and service speed, the Internet just doesn’t fit the bill. But having the Cloud behind your Firewall is a different story.

    Your Cloud is only
    as good as your Network.

  • Turbo Charge your business!
    Get 10GigE now!
    Enjoy Superfast High Bandwidth Internet Connectivity at Super Smart Prices.

  • Our Cloud Storage (S4)
    is now 30% cheaper than Amazon's.

  • Exponential-e launches the UK's first SD-WAN Service.

  • Unified Comms - collaborate together with Voice, video & instant messaging - at the click of a button.

  • World-class customer service, UK-based support 24 / 7 x 365.

  • We deliver Peace of Mind-as-a-Service let us take your business to the Cloud.

Render as a Service

Simplify your render process, using scalable, on demand, hybrid private Cloud services

Tight Deadlines? Do you have Capex investment in hardware that sits idle for long periods at a time? Power and Space issues? Unable to be competitive on large tender bids?

Change your way of working with Exponential-e’s private hybrid LAN Render solution in collaboration with Microsoft Azure.

Render-as-a-Service (RaaS) provides an affordable, elastic Cloud solution that combines the flexibility of virtualised graphic processing with the security of a private Cloud, and large scale on-demand compute power.

This point and click solution is achieved by combining Exponential-e’s low latency High Bandwidth Ethernet Network with Microsoft Azure’s large-scale computing power to provide private hyper-scale rendering. The unique aspect of the Exponential-e RaaS solution is that we stretch our customers LAN to our private Cloud, so that data does not traverse the public Internet and remains on your local IP range.

We give your business the flexibility to support a hybrid storage model, seamlessly stitching your on premise storage direct to the raw compute power where you decide how much you wish to spend to affect your time to the finished render.

Exponential-e’s RaaS works natively in parallel with your local data, providing smart awareness of both local and Cloud resource and treats them as one entity. This keeps the data control within your IT policy and removes the requirement for costly render farm services.

Exponential-e’s 100gigE low latency Network is ideally suited to provide the secure connectivity through which we can deliver our big compute power capabilities for rendering. Our solution improves the way that organisations can manipulate high graphical content to manage their workload and costs. By marrying our Network with Microsoft Azure’s Cloud computing power, we are able to offer rendering efficiencies greater than ever before. The service is managed via a render manager software interface, a simplistic and easy to use platform.


  • Private hyper-scale rendering.
  • Flexibly scale your resources on demand.
  • Significantly reduce production times.
  • Streamline render workload & costs.
  • OPEX expenditure.
  • Make changes via our DaaS GPU offering and render as one live on location.

RaaS Supported Software:

3D Applications:

  • 3ds Max
  • Blender
  • Clarisse IFX
  • Cinema 4D
  • Houdini
  • Lightwave
  • Maya
  • Messiah
  • Modo
  • Rhino
  • Softimage
  • Terragen
  • Vue

3D standalone renderer:

  • Arnold .ass
  • (Houdini) Mantra .ifd
  • Maxwell .mxs
  • mentalRay .mi
  • Renderman .rib - 3delight
  • Renderman .rib - Pixar
  • Renderman .rib - Air
  • VRay .vrscene


  • After FX
  • Fusion
  • Nuke


  • Any Executable
  • e.g. a software installer
  • Any shell script .bat/.sh
  • Python scripts
  • Realflow mesh generation