Our real-time pricing tool for Channel Partners.

CloudPort provides Partners with a fully automated platform to create quotations and process orders from across our services portfolio - CloudPort isn't limited to just one service area.

Utilising CloudPort gives you the ability to gain access to our Cloud solutions portfolio, seamlessly purchase multiple services and enabling you to respond quickly to customer requirements and ultimately win more business.

CloudPort allows you to easily obtain prices for Connectivity and additional Cloud services through one simple interface. This enables Partners to add additional services to their own portfolios, therefore utilising the use the "Mind the Gap" ethos.

Why Exponential-e

Exponential-e leverages its own Network to deliver business critical services including Connectivity, Cloud and Voice services. We have our own 100GigE Ethernet carrier-class Network and differentiate our service offering with our own enterprise-class Cloud infrastructure. We have integrated these two technologies to deliver a non-stop compute platform for our clients, supported by true end-to-end Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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CloudPort Features:

  • Quote tracking.
  • Online ordering.
  • Live pricing.
  • Electronic document signage.
  • Seamless transactions.

Take a look at CloudPort in action...

Our video below gives you an introduction to our CloudPort tool and shows you how you can ensure that you are making full use of it. Let us guide you through each step and show you just how powerful CloudPort could be for your business.

Our Service Portfolio at a glance

Smart Wires

Exponential-e’s Smart Wires service is the foundation on which the services the customer takes from us are built. Smart Wires gives the customer the ability to deliver multiple services over a single physical fibre via multiple Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANS). It provides the fibre or copper connectivity from their site into the Exponential-e Core Network; from there the customer can layer the services they require on top.

Smart Wires is the customers’ window to the world of Voice, Data and Cloud services with Exponential-e.

Centralised Internet

Exponential-e’s Centralised Internet provides a secure, scalable and cost effective way of connecting to the Internet when the customer has a multi-site WAN. This is a solution that saves on expense and hassle and offers a flexible and scalable solution as their WAN service changes over time.


Exponential-e’s Internet services is an offering that provides a customer with a business grade Internet service to their site. Uninterrupted Connectivity and symmetrical high-bandwidth - 2Mbps to 1000Mbps - is a key requirement for Exponential-e’s Business Internet customers - with no disruption from consumer peaks in traffic. Our competitors are unable to match the convergence capability, bandwidth flexibility and the cost savings this delivers for your business.

Wide Area Network

Exponential-e ‘s Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions provide the customer with a secure, private Network for the locations in their business, allowing data to flow between sites quickly and securely. Any customer that has multiple sites that need to ‘talk’ to each other quickly and easily and share private and secure information would be interested in taking a WAN solution.

Data Centre Services and Colocation

Our flexible Data Centre Services focus on availability, efficiency and high levels of security, to scale with your requirements. We offer full Data Centre outsourcing to colocation - whatever your business and budget requires.


Exponential-e’s IaaS service is a virtual Networked infrastructure providing virtual storage and server resources for businesses, all accessed via a secure portal. The service enables businesses to roll-out on-demand hosting, storage and computing.

Server Replication

Exponential-e uses the latest server replication technologies from VMware that allow replication at the Hypervisor level. Our VDCs are connected to the Exponential-e Core Network which is able to provide a low latency (typically below 2ms), high bandwidth link between sites.

SIP Trunking

Exponential-e’s SIP trunking offers businesses a more flexible, resilient, scalable and cost efficient way to connect PBXs to the Voice Network compared to using ISDN. Exponential-e’s SIP trunking service does more than just provide basic Voice.

Online Backup

Exponential-e’s Online Backup provides your personally selected data backup via a small piece of software installed on your computer or server which sends your data securely, via private or Internet connection to our secure Data Centre.