Mobility, flexibility, productivity and success - key aims for any architectural professional

Is your company’s goal to design advanced, complex and iconic buildings using the highest design aspirations that stretch the boundaries of creative innovation and achieve excellence?

At Exponential-e we have a steadfast commitment to assisting you with this process, using technology to help deliver design excellence and innovation, whilst ensuring that your projects stay on time and in budget.

Exponential-e has all the core solutions to help your business achieve your goals. High bandwidth low latency Connectivity delivered across our 100GigE fibre Network, virtual high performance graphics workstations backed with NVIDIA GRID™ vGPU™ technology. Near real time render for your advanced design projects on VrayRT, eliminating frustrating wait times and making your business far more productive and responsive. We provide the storage and compute for your back office functions, which are built using VMware, Microsoft or Linux software.

We provide Business Continuity Solutions that are simply an extension to your local infrastructure, allowing you to migrate your workflows when you want, to where you need. Our platforms are built around the Security and Privacy of your Data, and firmly keep the control of your IT environment in your hands. As a partner of numerous companies in the legal and finance sectors we have had the most stringent microscopes placed on the security and compliance of our platforms, and are proud to be recognised by the BSI as the most accredited Cloud and Network provider in the UK.

GPU powered virtual graphics

Sharing visual content from the initial model design phase all the way through to fabrication, and eventually erection onsite can be cumbersome given the number of organisations that can be involved in this process. Exponential-e offers GPU powered virtual graphics that allow remote access to all critical applications, including 3D modelling-intensive software, via any device, which will enable you to share content whether your project teams are on-site or in the office. This powerful solution enables you to make live changes in-situ to design documents, and which are then instantly available to all parties concerned.

High speed rendering

Using Exponential-e’s high-speed Network to virtualise graphic processing in the Cloud, architects are now able to render images up to 80 times faster through its highly-protected virtual infrastructure - meaning you can make changes to images on the fly. Our Cloud solutions mean that your company can deliver greater production efficiencies without sacrificing creative excellence.

Exponential-e’s Cloud rendering solution uses Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) compliant engines including Revit, Bentley, AutoCAD, Vray RT, iRay, 3ds Max and Maya. By virtualising the GPU, that contains thousands of processing units and significantly larger bandwidth, it bypasses the maximum limitation of eight cores offered by traditional Central Processing Units (CPU).

Underpinning the success of your projects

By using Exponential-e’s Cloud Services to underpin the success of your projects, it will free-up your architects to create beautiful, sustainable buildings, aligning infrastructure spend to budgets. Centralised control of projects means better collaboration and avoids sensitive data residing on the computer of a third party.

If you would like to find out how we can help your organisation to deliver truly great projects, at rapid pace and with contained costs, please contact us to find out more.

Benefits of Exponential-e’s Cloud solutions


Expert managed service: Centralised IT Security and control allowing teams to concentrate on creating strategic value.

Future proof technology strategy: Reduces the need for hardware and software refreshes.
Multiple services down one pipe: All delivered via Exponential-e’s scalable, secure VPLS 100GigE service.
Control workflow remotely: Facilitates flexible work practices, improves productivity by enabling mobile access and remote collaboration.
Enhanced by Graphics-accelerated VDI: NVIDIA GRID™ technology allows remote access to all critical applications, including 3D-intensive software.
Flexible and on-demand: Ability to scale computing power and virtual workstations so that budgets can be aligned with projects.
Support for OPEX model: Facilitate OPEX model, delivering 100% deduction in taxable profits for the service.
Security: All cloud services reside on your LAN, on the clean side of the firewall under IT control.
Storage: ability to access Big Data from a secure and Private Cloud, remotely from any location or seamlessly integrate internal storage files with Cloud scalable technology.

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