Smart Wires: VPLS

The Smarter Network Technology

Exponential-e is the UK’s pioneer of corporate networks delivered using Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) technology. VPLS is a Layer 2 Network technology and its advantage over alternative network technologies is that it allows geographically-diverse locations to connect together as if on the same Local Area Network (LAN).

We were the first UK company to design and build a carrier-class VPLS Network back in 2006.

Creating a virtual Cloud for any-to-any connectivity

VPLS extends the plug-and-play functionality in the LAN across the Wide Area Network (WAN) by facilitating the creation of a completely private Layer 2 virtual Cloud to which customers can connect all of their offices in order to gain any-to-any connectivity. All services appear to be on the same LAN, regardless of location.

True convergence over one connection

VPLS enables the provision of multiple services such as Voice, video and data over a single access circuit. Thus, bringing true convergence of triple play onto the WAN and most importantly for security, keeps these services separate from each other. The core Network serves as the platform for converging services. We call this our Smart Wires approach to service creation.

Exponential-e customers take advantage of VPLS as a building block to converge their services on our Service Creation Platform using Smart Wires. Customers are able to access the services on our Service Creation Platform with simplicity, economy of scale, security, separation and Quality of Service.

End-to-end QoS

VPLS technology combined with Ethernet Demarcation Devices (EDDs) for end-to-end QoS

The EDDs allow us to hand off different services as separate virtual circuits across one physical circuit and enable us to guarantee end-to-end Quality of Service on all of our circuits. As a result, any faults that occur can be quickly located and fixed promptly limiting disruption to daily activities.

Benefits of a VPLS based Network

Simplified network management - adding and changing sites as there is no routing in the core of our Network that is visible to the customer

  • A true end-to-end SLA: including the access circuit to your site.
  • Low latency between sites (no router hops) and reduced complexity.
  • Easier virtualisation and replication as Layer 2 Connection requires no routing to contend with.
  • Converge voice & data networks on multiple VPLS Connections.
  • Reduced administration effort for easier network planning & lower cost.
  • Customers are free to control their own IP addressing schema and routing.
  • EDD provides full visibility of the circuit and 24 / 7 monitoring.
  • Fully supported services with end-to-end QoS, intelligent distribution of bandwidth and six Classes of Service.

VPLS gives us a service-oriented architecture from which our customers can plug and play with a range of services: data, voice, security and cloud. We are delivering simplicity and operational efficiencies for IT heads as they focus on getting return on investments made.


Don’t just take our word for it

"By moving to Exponential-e's Data Centre and migrating to it's VPLS Layer 2 Network we have future proofed the organisation."

Marcin Fabjanczyk - Infrastructure Manager, Anthony Nolan.

Don't just take our word for it

"Exponential-e has taken VPLS technology that bit further, making our whole Network feel like one big Network, even with our remote office sites - making our remote sites appear as if they are part of the same building. Exponential-e was able to provide the glowing reference and the technical expertise we needed to manage the relocation of our headquarters - making our choice simple."

Gerard Brown ICT Infrastructure Manager - Thames Valley Housing.