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  • Benefit from FREE DDoS Protection, included with our 10 GigE Connectivity.

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At Exponential-e we recognise the need to future-proof your business connectivity needs. With data consumption growing year-on-year, IP traffic is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22 percent from 2015 to 2020.

In line with this increased demand you now need to look beyond 1Gbps data connections in order to utilise all of your SaaS, Cloud Services and Internet-based applications. With 10GigE from Exponential-e you can quickly and easily increase your bandwidth capacity - when your business needs it.

High capacity bandwidth is critical for these Internet-connected services that are driving your business. Our Network ensures you are always one hop away from these services and you can use any bandwidth your business requires. Connect directly to your private or public Cloud Services and ensure super-low latency for critical applications, further supported by DDoS Protection which is included free with all 10 GigE connectivity.

  • Multiple services down one 10GigE pipe - converge your data, Voice, video and applications traffic on one pipe. From Internet, SIP, Cloud etc... It's all delivered down one pipe.
  • Flexible Bandwidth Management (A3) - view, manage and control your Internet traffic via a web portal. Manage your employees’ web-browsing activities. A company with 50 employees, each browsing social media sites for 1 hour per day loses 1000 hours per month in productivity, costing £10,000 per month. Exponential-e's A3 service pays for itself in less than one month.
  • Variable bandwidth - switch bandwidth up or down daily to cope with projected peaks and troughs in demand.
  • FREE DDoS Mitigation - included with our 10 GigE connectivity offer to protect and secure your business.
  • Private and uncontended - end-to-end fibre from your premises all the way to our carrier-class 100GigE Network. Ensure your traffic always takes priority and remains unaffected by consumer peaks in demand for bandwidth.

Here’s the clever part, if you don’t need the entire capacity of your connection for Internet usage you can split the circuit using secure VLANs to deliver other services and applications, with any combination of bandwidth, and thus reducing infrastructure costs.

Consolidating services across one connection will achieve a flatter and easier-to-manage Network, giving you control, flexibility and agility.

Take advantage of the Exponential-e 10GigE offer now. From as little as £2,000+ per month you can flex your power and enjoy a fully supported enterprise digital platform at a great 2017 price. Don’t miss out!


*price available in selected areas only. All prices quoted will vary depending on bandwidth requirements and location.

  • Uncontended 10GigE Connection at a discounted rate.
  • Split the bandwidth across multiple applications and services.
  • Avoid peak bandwidth requirements with a 10GigE Ethernet bearer.
  • Super low latency across the UK.
  • Built-in free DDoS black-holing service mitigates DDoS attacks.
  • Exclusive 10GigE pricing only available from Exponential-e.