• Flex your selling power & enjoy a fully supported enterprise digital platform at a great 2017 price...

  • Offer your customers Connectivity that can expand when they do.

Beat the Capacity Crunch

Offer your customers 10GigE Business Connectivity.

As businesses change and grow, so do their connectivity demands. Offer new & existing customers a bearer speed that will beat the capacity crunch at market leading prices with our 10 GigE offer.


At Exponential-e we recognise the need for you to move with your customers and help them to future-proof their business connectivity needs. With data consumption growing year-on-year, IP traffic is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22 percent from 2015 to 2020.

Don’t fall behind the curve, look beyond 1Gbps data connections and offer customers the right product for their needs, for the whole of their contract, not just today. With a 10 GigE bearer from Exponential-e they can quickly and easily increase their bandwidth capacity - when their business needs it.

If you are already a Channel Partner, take advantage of the Exponential-e 10 GigE offer now. From as little as £1,800+ per month you can flex your power and offer a fully supported enterprise digital platform at a great 2017 price. Don’t miss out, ask your Channel Account Manager if you need more information or marketing support to sell the offer.

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*price available in selected areas only. All prices quoted will vary depending on bandwidth requirements and location.

  • Uncontended 10GigE Connection at a discounted rate.
  • Split the bandwidth across multiple applications and services.
  • Avoid peak bandwidth requirements with a 10GigE Ethernet bearer.
  • Super low latency across the UK.
  • Built-in free DDoS black-holing service mitigates DDoS attacks.
  • Exclusive 10GigE pricing only available from Exponential-e.